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The Daoism.ro team bids you

Here (at www.daoism.ro) we are hosting
one of the most dynamic and significant sources
of information concerning Daoism in Romania.

The Association’s first project is translating Dao De Jing (chinese and romanian versions only) from the classical Chinese language. This translation will be available to all readers for free. It would be our third edition, while the first edition was published in 1999 by Editura Ştiinţificǎ ( Biblioteca Orientalis collection), which focuses on the religious and alchemical interpretation of Lao Zi’s writings.

The second RADS project has been called “Kung-fu Culture” in Romania. Research is being coordinated by Şerban Toader and has the support of several Bucharest University students which study the Chinese language. A pilot article will be published in the RADS e-magazine.

Meanwhile we are about to launch a forum dedicated to all people that practice Chinese medicine in Romania. This forum will be moderated by Dr. Ciprian Popescu.

If you wish to know the founding principles of the Romanian Association for Daoist Studies, the association that hosts this website, we advise you to visit our Objectives section.

What are we about? Daoist thinking in particular and Chinese thinking in general, objectively presented spiritual and health related practices and Daoism as a religion. We support Daoist academic studies and we highlight or illustrate events concerning this subject inside the country and abroad.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please share.

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Daoism.ro members are Chinese speakers, are learning the language or intend to do so. We value spotless writing (or transcription), correct pronunciation and direct access to Chinese texts.

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